Havells Aqua Plus Blue Kettle 1.2 Litre Review India 2021

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  • Double-wall 304 stainless steel interior
  • Cool touch outer body with no scalding hazard
  • Wider mouth for easy filling, pouring and cleaning
  • On and off switch with light indicator
  • Stainless steel lid and rim
  • Strix controller for longer life
  • Capacity: 1.2 liters
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Power: 1500 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts

Topic: Havells Aqua Plus Blue Kettle 1.2 Litre Review | 59% Discount

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We all want a fresh morning to start our day, and we generally start our day with tea or a coffee. We are always in a hurry because of our offices, and we don’t want to spend more time preparing the tea or coffee, and that’s why the best option will be to go with a Kettle that will help to prepare your morning drink quickly.

A kettle will not only make your drink quickly but will also help to warm water very quickly. A kettle is a basic need in our today’s life because it is pretty convenient to use, and we don’t need to have gas to prepare our morning tea.

As there are a lot of Kettles available in the market with different models and prices. Choosing the best one is a quite challenging task, but you don’t have to worry about it. In today’s article, we provide the details of the best electric Kettle available in the market at an affordable price. So stay with us in this article.

Havells Aqua Plus Blue Kettle 1.2 Litre Review

Havells is a trendy brand dealing in various electric products, and we have listened to some fantastic reviews of Havells products. So users can easily trust this Havells Kettle without any worries. This Havells Kettle will solve your kitchen problems by warming the water quickly, and the best thing about this Kettle is that it has a superior performance for the user’s convenience.

With the help of this Kettle, users don’t need a gas cylinder, and its handle feature makes it quite convenient to use. It is a perfect choice for the users who want hot water repeatedly and a good choice for infants who need warm water frequently. This Electric Kettle has a lot of benefits and meets all of your requirements that you are looking for.

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As we have already said, it is available at a very affordable price, and users don’t have to compromise with the quality of the product. It has an ergonomic and superior design, which provides a classy look to the users. If you are looking for the best electric Kettle for your home or office, then this Havells 1.2 litre electric kettle will be a perfect choice, which will meet your requirements. So let us know some unique features of this Electric Kettle.


  • Stainless Steel Body
    This Electric Kettle has a stainless steel interior body that makes it durable and valuable. The steel interior body will help the user to keep the beverage warm all the time. Users don’t have to warm the Kettle again and again, which makes it a time-saving approach. It has a double steel wall that will not only make your beverage warm but will also add to its sturdiness and keep the beverage fresh all the time.
  • Cool Touch Outer Body
    This Electric Kettle has a cool touch outer body so that users can pick the Kettle easily. Users don’t have to think twice before picking the Kettle; they can easily pick it without any worries. The Cool touch body never warms the outer body and will keep it cool all the time. So the user doesn’t have to worry if their children are picking the Kettle because Hevells care for their customers and always go for the safety cancers in their product.
  • Power
    This is a 1500 Watt electric kettle that will help the users to warm the beverage quickly, and it doesn’t consume too much electricity. Now users don’t have to wait for a long time to prepare their beverage and to warm the water, it can be done quickly with this Havells Electric kettle.
  • Indicator Light
    There is also a switch to do on and off the electric Kettle, and users don’t have to worry about any uncertainty because it comes with an indicator light that will help to know whether the electric Kettle is on or off. Users can perform their actions as per their needs.
  • Wide Mouth
    This Electric Kettle has a wider mouth so that pouring can be done quickly; users can pour anything easily; they don’t need a funnel to pour the liquid inside because of its wider mouth. The cover will protect the inside beverage and keep it warm for a long time; users don’t have to warm the beverage repeatedly.
  • Auto Shut-Off
    This Electric Kettle also has an Auto Shut-off feature that removes the headache of a user switching off the Kettle if it gets overheat. The Kettle will get switch-off automatically when it gets overheat and completely removes the headache of getting kettle damage. So it will be pretty convenient for the users if they forget to make the Kettle switch off.
  • Warranty
    The Havells company provides a 2-year warranty for this Electric Kettle, so users don’t have to worry about it. If they found any issues with the product, they can immediately contact customer care, and they will help repair your electric Kettle without charging a single penny for that.

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  • This Kettle has a flat base, which allows the users to keep the Kettle at any surface without any issue of falling.
  • The outer body never gets warm so that users can touch it without any worries. 
  • This electric Kettle can warm your beverage in very little time; users don’t have to wait for a long time.
  • The auto shut-off feature removes all the headache if we forget to switch it off. 


  • This Kettle has a very short wire, and that’s why users have to use a power extension to use it freely.

This is all about Havells Aqua Plus Kettle, we have given all the information related to this product, and we found that this product is beneficial, and if you are looking for the best electric Kettle, then it will be the perfect choice for you. Still, if you have any queries, then you can ask us in the comment section.

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1.2 Liter




2 Years



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